Relieve A&A of Legal and Temp Housing Expenses

Sep 14, 2023

Hey community,

We over here at the rent strike are working to support the 2 tenants who were recently evicted unfairly from the Almaden houses and can be forcibly removed from their house starting Monday. We are hoping to help them find a place to stay for a few weeks while this fight plays out and they figure out what will be next to them. They are 2 wonderful souls, good communicators, quiet and they have one dog and one cat.

Do you know of anywhere they could post up that would be less costly than an Air b&b? We can compensate you for their stay.

Also, here is a Gofundme where we are collecting money to support them through this time. They have been super brave with their solidarity through this struggle, so let’s show them some love! Please share big all around your networks!!