Possum Kingdom Housing Cooperative

Oct 9, 2023

Exciting news! Possum Kingdom Housing Co-op is a revolutionary housing cooperative being formed here in Eugene, OR. 

This is a move towards creating more stable and affordable housing for families, and creating viable and inspiring solutions to the housing crisis. As you know, Candice King is a long time activist and Black mom of four who has been organizing a powerful rent strike along with her neighboring tenants. Candice and the other prior tenants are forming a housing cooperative that will provide affordable, community controlled housing at a converted church that is being sold for an affordable price. They will work with an existing land trust to buy the property, and through the cooperative, ensure that rent-burdened tenants can become homeowners. 

We have an initial pledge for most of the down payment, and are aiming to raise another $35,000 in the next few weeks. Can you join in supporting this inspiring local housing cooperative today?

For smaller donations, please donate to our GoFundMe here. For sending checks, or making larger donations, please see our donation page. Let me know if you have any questions, and please share our GoFundMe and website widely!