Support a working class Oregon family to keep a safe, reliable home surrounded by community
allowing a greedy, wealthy, and absentee landlord in California to kick them out.

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As a Black family in Oregon, the Kings have worked tirelessly to earn their place in Oregon, a historically unfriendly state. Over the last five years, Candice King has been a stable and responsible tenant. Since the death of King’s husband, Eric King, in May 2022, they have been forced to reconcile with the factors that contributed to his suicide. In large part, the burden of low economic stability while continuing to pay rent to an owner, Sharon Prager, who possesses so much inherited wealth. King has made several inquires and offers to purchase their home from their landlord but all of King’s requests have been denied.

Sharon Prager currently owns a company called eConcepts Communications, where she consults oil folks on how to have good public relations despite the deadly and poisonous consequences of her work. Prager is also an out of state landlord who inherited at least five additional rental units in four houses. She has never acted on the severe mold problem within the the King’s home, although Prager is aware of King’s ongoing respiratory issues. It is King’s belief that Prager does not need the additional income because Prager is financially secure.

On the other hand, Candice King is not. King is not a wealthy land owner, but instead a working class person. In the last five years, King has maintained this residence while Sharon Prager has repeatedly ignored maintenance requests. King believes that her and her family do not need to move and that they do not need a new house. What the King’s do need is what they already have: a safe, reliable home surrounded by community who loves and cares for us. That is what King currently has and what they refuse to give up.

The Kings do not intend to move. The Kings do not intend to pay rent.

The Kings and supporting community members message to Sharon Prager is this: Do the right thing. Give this home to Candice King.

Stop Evictions is Stop the Sweeps is Defend the Forest is Fuck the Police


Report Back On First Week Of Eviction Defense And Blockade In Eugene

From It's Going Down: Report from Eugene, Oregon on first week of active eviction resistance campaign and police blockade. In the last scene of Salt of the Earth, striking...

This land is my land

From the Eugene Weekly: Candice King and her children live in an older red house just minutes away from downtown Eugene. The house is lived in: There’s artwork scattered across the outside, a TV set up in the...

In the news: Eviction leads to protest and standoff with police

News stories on the eviction and standoff today:

Eviction Defense

The morning of June 27th, around 40 comrades gathered to defend our friend, neighbor, and comrade, Candice King — who has been on rent strike since April 1, 2023 for the right for her family’s housing — against an imminent eviction. Community members, comrades,...

Eviction Trial

The morning of June 21st our friend and neighbor Candice faced the court for her eviction trial. Behind her were dozens of community members once again packing the court and wearing red in solidarity with Candice’s struggle. The people watched as Candice bravely...

Radio Story on “Talk is Cheap”

Listen to the Talk is Cheap from Saturday 4pm June 17, which airs audio from the June 12 rally. Starts about 5 minutes in, then there's some stuff about Proudhon on property starting about 20 minutes in, and then at 35 mins in some more from the rally (at R&R...

Eviction Court First Appearance

At 8AM on May 23, 2023 nearly 100 community members representing working class families, college professors and students, union activists, artists, local health care professionals, housing activists, and more, showed up en masse to the Lane County Courthouse in...


1. Collective Liberation – We seek to dismantle interlocking systems of oppression.
2. Adaptive & Generative – We are continually open to feedback. We seek to shift into a culture where conflict and difference is generative.
3. Accountability & Practice – We recognize power dynamics and center relationships. We seek to create space and time for relationship building
4. Interdependence & Decentralization – We seek feedback and make decision as a group so everyone contributes to decisions that affect them.
5. Simplicity & Clarity – We value clear communication.
6. Collaborative – We collaborate while staying focused on our vision of transfomative change.
7. Wholeness – We embrace our authentic selves and allow for the complexity of our lives.
8. Joyous – We bring playfulness and joy to our work.